The Newfoundland, like its European cousin the Great Pyrenees, is another example of a large working dog. Very similar in temperament to the Great Pyrenees, the breed is exceptionally good with children and tolerates its ears being pulled or riding it like a horse! The Newfoundland, like the Labrador Retriever, loves the water and will go in any water that is not frozen solid! Since they adore that environment, it is crucial that the coat be cleaned with an appropriate medicated shampoo plus daily combing to insure a layering effect.




This breed belongs in cold weather where it is happiest. They do not tolerate hot weather. With their black coat color they absorb the heat of a summer day making them very uncomfortable. The breed needs to be kept in air conditioning during the majority of times during the hot summer months. They should be raised in an environment with lots of room to exercise. I remember one of my favorite Newfoundland dogs, Edge. Edge loved to visit my office and the funny thing was that the owner brought the dog up to my office in the backseat of an old VW Beetle!! Talk about being cooped up! He always bounded out of the back seat and started to bark. Most dogs do not delight in a trip to the veterinarian but Edge loved it!




The Newfoundland also slobbers a lot! This is most common during hot days. They will shake their heads and owners will see the gooey mess hanging from the ceiling! Newfoundlands have to be groomed frequently. From a medical perspective they are prone to bloat, cancers and hip dysplasia if their ideal weight is not maintained. I have found the Newfoundland to be a spectacular dog. Wonderful personality and a big heart. If you have the space and time to groom and exercise the Newfoundland, you will be rewarded many times over in the love the dog gives back!  Learn more about the Newfoundland at Animal Planet’s® Dog Breed Selector.

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