The Pug is a fantastic little dog that makes people laugh a lot. It might be in the Toy group but the breed is not fragile like other breeds in this group. It is about 15 pounds but is built like a football player! Strong muscular legs and a wrinkled head give the breed its typical appearance. They do have that bracheocephalic type of skull which means they have to be watched in extreme heat or humidity. All dogs have heat stroke issues but it is exacerbated by the tortuous sinus tracts and elongated soft palates that these dogs have. They also will snore a lot while they sleep. The breed loves people and to be around them. The Pug is a great family dog and do well with children because they are not as fragile as other Toy breeds. Pugs and other Toy breeds are popular because they do not require a lot of space to live. The breed will do just as well in a city environment as well out in suburbia.




They are very active little dogs and enjoy frequent walks on a leash. Veterinarians often make up names for certain breeds that they work with. I usually call a Pug, a puglet! They look like a little piglet! Pugs have a short coat but they do shed a lot therefore requiring frequent brushing and shampooing. Because of their facial structure, they also have a lot of skin folds which can serve as humid areas for yeast to develop. Cleaning with wipes containing chlorhexidine and ketoconazole will keep this under control. These products are available at veterinary offices. The Pug tends to have more body fat than other toy breeds and tend to get overweight as they age. This is particularly so in the middle aged spayed female. Because of their skull type, their eyes stick out making them prone to popping out! This is caused proptosis. To prevent this, use a harness rather than a collar. Because of obesity, they are frequently diagnosed with Diabetes mellitus. Even with the medical problems that they develop, the Pug is a wonderful dog that will always make you laugh and smile!  Learn more about the Pug at Animal Planet’s® Dog Breed Selector.

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