The Pekingese is a happy little dog weighing in at about 10-12 pounds. They are usually a mahogany brown color with some white plus other shades as well. Pekingese dogs are feisty little creatures with a lot of spunk! They can be stubborn and want to do things their way or the highway!! They can be temperamental one minute and loving the next! It is a popular breed in the U.S. and I have worked on countless numbers of them.  Pekingese are usually quite easy to work on but if you do something to them that they do not like, they will squeal like a little piglet! They are small so they can be raised in an apartment or suburban type of setting. Pekingese have a long, thick, silky type of hair-coat so it will need to be frequently combed and brushed for it to look its best!




A Pekingese basically looks like a dust mop! It is low to the ground with very short feet so this is not a dog that you are going to jog along side of. It does not need much exercise and just wants to be around its owner. The Pekingese is not a dog that should be purchased if young children are present. It just won’t work. Pekingese want to be the center of attention and they do not want to compete with young children for that honor! They do have their health issues. Because of their caved in type of head (bracheocephalic) they do have eyes problems such as corneal ulcers, dry eyeDry eye is caused by a decrease in tear production as dogs age. The Pekingese is more prone to it since a large amount of the eye surface is exposed to the drying effects of wind and sunlight. Easy to diagnose it is treated with tear supplements and in more intractable cases with cyclosporine ophthalmic drops and the like. Due to their smushed in sinus cavities they can develop chronic sinus issues. The Pekingese is probably one of the most common toy breeds to develop left sided heart failure; leading to congestive heart failure. The tortuous sinus passages just make breathing much more difficult under those circumstances. They often have dental issues plus undershot jaws (mandibles). The Pekingese is a spirited, independent dog and there will never be a dull moment with one of them around!  Learn more about Pekingese dogs at Animal Planet’s® Dog Breed Selector.

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