Japanese Chin




The Japanese Chin is a delicate little dog that loves to be carried around. The breed is a fragile animal and no rough housing around with them like you would a Retriever! They have long coats that need to be combed out all the time to maintain that silky look. Although they are actually from China, this breed has a personality very similar to that of a Chihuahua; lovable and cuddly! Chin means royalty in Japanese and they sure do have that appearance with that bushy tail of theirs. The Japanese Chin does well in any city or suburban environment. They like to bark so they make great little guard dogs. This is a toy breed and care must be exercised if it is around young children. It is good with kids but a family that decides on a Japanese Chin should probably wait till the kids are around 10 years of age or so.




The Japanese Chin is a funny dog to watch. Like the Shelty, this breed loves to spin around in circles for hours at a time. It is comical to watch. The Japanese Chin is a bracheocephalic dog; meaning a short flat skull with protruding eyes and a very tiny, flat nose. This can get this breed into trouble. Like the Bulldog, it is prone to overheating because of the tortuous sinus passages that cause resistance to air flow. Sinus infections can be common and with the protruding eyes, more susceptible to eye injuries such as corneal ulcers. Congestive Heart Failure can also be a problem as the dog ages. This breed has a single layer coat that is silky so periodic combing and shampooing is all that is needed to maintain that royal look! I love working on Japanese Chin dogs. They are cool dogs with a love of life! A great family pet!  Learn more about the Japanese Chin at Animal Planet’s® Dog Breed Selector.

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