Brussels Griffon




The Brussels Griffon is a lovable little dog. It is small weighing just about 10 pounds. It has that typical head structure and beard that make it look like something out of a Stephen Spielberg movie! They are cool little dogs with a lot of personality. They are not that common in this country. I have treated handfuls of them over the years and do not know why they are not popular at the moment. They come in two types, smooth coat and long coat. Both versions need to be combed out regularly.




They make wonderful pets.  In Europe they were used to clear rodents out of barns! Most breeds in the toy group are quite fragile. That means that a child can harm most of them by just dropping the animal onto a tile floor or by stepping on it. Not so with the Brussels Griffon! They may be tiny but are miniature Sherman tanks with a relatively strong muscular body. They often are difficult to train and must be started at a young age for a greater chance of success. They are a healthy breed but with that bracheocephalic skull type can be prone to eye and sinus problems as they age. The Brussels Griffon is a wonderful little dog. You will not be disappointed!  Learn more about how a Brussels Griffon ticks by investigating Animal Planet’s®  Dog Breed Selector.

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