Wheaten Terrier




The Wheaten Terrier is becoming extremely popular in the United States. In Ireland they were used as sheepdogs. The breed has a tremendous amount of energy and needs to be exercised daily. I have treated many of them. They are medium-sized dogs between 35-40 pounds of weight. This breed is a sweet, docile dog.  It is probably one of the more docile terriers compared to the spunky in your face attitude of the terrier group!! The Wheaten Terrier is an excellent family dog and bonds quickly to children, thanks to their even temperament.




The Wheaten Terrier is often purchased because it is a “hypoallergenic dog”. People with severe allergies to many breeds of dogs do well with the Wheaten Terrier, as long as the coat is combed out and bathed frequently. People that are allergic to dogs might want to try a shampoo called Allerpet-D.  People develop allergies to the protein in the saliva that is found on the animal’s coat.  Dogs lick themselves and deposit the protein on the hair-coat.  It is this allergen that causes sensitivity problems in humans. This breed is a happy-go-lucky dog with a fabulous personality. The breed has few medical issues associated with it; outside of a protein wasting disorder. Like most terriers, they often do not put up with the antics of other dogs so you may see your Wheaten Terrier wanting to chase other animals. If it could fly it probably would chase after birds too! I have enjoyed working on them over the years. They are very popular for a good reason. Everyone should eat their Wheatens, the breakfast of champions!  Learn more about the Wheaten Terrier at Animal Planet’s Dog Breed Selector.

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