Rat Terrier




The Rat Terrier is a blast to be around. As far as dog breeds go, the Rat Terrier is the Heinz 57 of the dog world. It is made up with a little bit of this and a little bit of that! The neat characteristic of the Rat Terrier is its large erect ears that make them look like little bats! They have a narrow face; further accentuating the ear size. The breed is small so it is easily adaptable to any living situation. Unlike most of its terrier brethren, this breed is relatively small boned and fragile. They are great with kids in a family setting but children must be supervised when handling the young rat puppy.  It is rather easy to hurt a Rat Terrier puppy by dropping the animal on a hard surface such as homes that have tile and or wood floors.  By being dropped just a few feet, they can easily fracture a limb or dislocate a hip or knee joint.




Because they are a hodgepodge of many breeds, there are no particular medical issues to speak of.  This is due to the genetic hybrid vigor of mixing numerous breeds together. The breed is easy to train and most rat owners will enjoy the adventure. This breed used to be used to clear rat populations in homes around the country. It is very easy to figure out why they were called Rat Terrier dogs! They are very active little dogs and need plenty of exercise and running outside to be happy. Like a lot of the Toy breeds, the Rat Terrier is often super close to only one person in the family. The Rat Terrier is a little dog with a big personality. A very popular dog in the U.S. Learn more about the Rat Terrier at Animal Planet’s® Dog Breed Selector.

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