Fox Terrier




The Fox Terrier recognized as separate breeds, I will lump them together since they share many of the same characteristics; only differing in the type of coat and head structure. Both of these dogs are very common. The Smooth Fox Terrier is the famous “RCA” dog that is seen on a vinyl record listening to music! They may be small dogs but do require a lot of exercise while being walked on a leash or fenced in a back yard. The breedr loves to play ball with its owner. An owner can toss a tennis ball and the dog retrieves it. As far as this breed is concerned, this can be repeated 1000 times without stopping!




The Fox Terrier loves to bark and are also good little guard dogs. The Smooth type Fox Terrier has a smooth coat that needs to be combed and kept clean with an appropriate shampoo. The Wired Fox Terrier, as the name implies, has a thicker wiry coat that is often stripped if the dog is going to be in the show ring. Fox Terriers are healthy little dogs and have a love of life that has to be admired by all!  Learn more about the Fox Terrier on Animal Planet’s® Dog Breed Selector.

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