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When I was practicing a lot of people felt embarrassed by questions that they thought were too mundane to answer.  I was always happy and obliging to answer any pet health questions or quell and put to rest the many wives tales that had been passed from one generation to the next.  I knew the answers to just about everything but I never claimed to know everything!  In those cases I would tell the client that I would look it up and get back with them via an email or phone call.  There are hundreds of good questions that I had been asked over the years.  Some of them I have distilled over the years yet others are new such as problems associated with the Zika Virus in the state of Florida.  One way or another the following may be very helpful to you in the near future.  The following is interactive.  Click on the question that may interest you to find the solution.

Can dogs or cats transmit or spread the Zika virus to humans?
If I miss or forget an insulin injection, what do I do?
My pet was injured by a car yet acts completely normal.
I continually see what appear to be grains of rice around my pets bedding.
My cat is constantly scratching at its ears.
My dog suddenly looks bloated!
I swear my dog did not mate but her breasts are secreting milk! OMG!
My male cat is straining in the litterbox. Is it constipated?
Do electronic high frequency flea busters work?
I trimmed my dog’s nail back too far and it is bleeding.
I accidentally cut my dog or cat’s skin while I was grooming it.
Oh no! I just saw a fishhook hanging from my dog’s cheek!
My older intact female dog is drinking a lot with a vaginal discharge.
My pet just had a seizure.
The best liquid to keep around the house.
I just saw blood in my older unneutered male dog’s urine.
Do children understand when a pet dies?
Pet Health Questions And Answers Simplify Your Life
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