French Bulldog




The French Bulldog, affectionately known as a “Frenchie”, is very similar to the Boston Terrier. They both are so funny and belong in a circus!! You will never stop laughing with this breed around. With those huge ears and that punched in (bracheocephalic) face, they look like gremlins out of a Spielberg movie! They may be small but that muscular body of theirs means that they are fast on their feet. The breed is a fantastic dog and great with children. They are energetic but don’t require a tremendous amount of exercise. This means they will do well in almost any environment; including city living.




Because of that skull structure, the French Bulldog will do a lot of squealing, snorting and the like. French Bulldogs also have a lot of face wrinkles, like the English Bulldog. With that gorgeous set of ears, wrinkles and pushed in face it does come with a price. The breed is prone to a lot of respiratory issues due to the tortuous sinus cavities. Even on a good day, French Bulldog animals find breathing difficult. They do not tolerate hot weather as their anatomical skull structure makes them much more susceptible to heat stroke.


Do to weakness in the males hindquarters, almost all French Bulldog animals are artificially inseminated. This makes them more expensive than other breeds that exhibit normal mating behavior. We are not done with reproduction yet!   Due to that big head of theirs, many French Bulldogs are delivered by Cesarean Section. I have done many Cesareans on them and it is a joy to deliver a baby French Bulldog!  Even newly born, they are gorgeous! Due to facial skin folds, the French Bulldog is also susceptible to eye conditions like entropion.


French Bulldogs are extremely popular. They love to be with people and enjoy being taken anywhere as long as their owner is with them. Such a wonderful gift from God! Enjoy!  Learn more about the French Bulldog at Animal Planet’s® Dog Breed Selector.

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