The Whippet sort of resembles a miniature Greyhound. Probably they are genetically linked somewhere in their histories! They also were used for race dogs but some time ago supplanted by the Greyhound. The breed is small but a quick little dog that is mainly used as a house pet in this country. I have worked on many a Whippet and they also have a personality similar to a Greyhound: shy, quiet but gentle and sweet.


The thing about this breed is that you never hear them bark. They are very quiet dogs and are excellent with children. Being small, they are active but don’t require the tremendous amount of exercise that other hounds need to be happy! They actually like to be carried around like a lot of the tiny toy breeds. The breed has very few medical issues. Overall, a breed of dog with very low maintenance.  Learn more about the Whippet at Animal Planet’s® Dog Breed Selector.

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