The Beagle dog is very common and for good reason! They are medium size dogs. The male and female Beagle are easy to tell the difference between. The male has a boxy like head whereas the female face is long and slender. Beagles are a very happy dog. Never a dull moment with one of these guys. The Beagle is much more common in some states compared to others. Where I practiced in Ohio, there were many many Beagles in my practice but in South Florida there are very few of them. One of the reasons for that is that the word Beagle is synonymous with “rabbit”. They are called rabbit dogs and that is no joke! During the winter they dart around the brush chasing the rabbit out of hiding for the hunter to take care of. They flush their prey out into the open. Beagles used for hunting are often kept outdoors in large pens; perfectly content being out in the cold weather with a dog house lined with straw or cedar.




Beagles are very good with children and are very loyal to their owners. The Beagle does have some medical issues. They are prone to back injuries. A lot of the hunting dogs suffer from this since they dart in and out chasing rabbits; putting a lot of stress on the lower back. They are prone to ear infections with their floppy ears. The last issue the Beagle has problems with is “cherry eye”; a protrusion of the nicitating gland in one or both eyes that looks like a cherry. Correction of this is surgical. Beagle dogs tend to act macho in an exam room environment but when it comes down to the truth, a lot of them are big babies. Males in particular will howl and make a fuss after giving them an exam!! Beagles do love to bark so you do have to get used to that after a while. Beagles should be exercised on a leash or the owners should have a fenced in yard or an Invisible Fence. If left to their own tendencies, Beagles are wanderlust and are often found roaming when not confined in a back yard or on a leash. Overall, a great breed of dog and loyal companion.  Learn more about the Beagle at Animal Planet’s® Dog Breed Selector.

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