The Basenji is a fantastic little dog. Most of these animals weigh in at about 25 lbs so they would nicely fit in an apartment environment. This breed is very easy to care for. One nice thing about these animals is that it will make apartment owners happy! The breed is often called the “bark-less dog“. It does not bark at all but makes a peculiar type of hyena laughing sound that is very difficult to describe in writing. The Basenji also has, what I would call, a corkscrew type of tail arrangement which says…..hey…..I am a BASENJI! They are short haired dogs and are very quiet. I have worked on many of these animals over the years and they are all sweet, loving animals. They are great with children. One nice thing is that the breed might be a small dog but they are not fragile.  This makes them a great dog for children not used to handling an animal. Basenji’s are very healthy and do not have any particular ailment that is predisposed to in this breed. This breed has a lot of spunk and makes a wonderful pet. It definitely has my seal of approval!  Learn more about the Basenji at Animal Planet’s® Dog Breed Selector.

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