Afghan Hound




The Afghan Hound is a dog of royalty or at least it sure looks like it!! It is a beautiful dog seen running in a show ring or on a leash strutting its beautiful coat for all to see. Yes everyone, this breed is a Hound Dog! Sort of sounds like an Elvis Presley song in jest but this breed of dog was once used as a hunting dog although today it is seen more frequently in show rings. Skeletal wise the breed is not as solid as a Golden Retriever but it is tall and nimble; making it a super field dog used in hunting.  The Afghan Hound makes a great family pet.  They have very few health issues but the most important consideration in owning this animal is providing hours of exercise plus grooming; which is a full-time business associated with owning this dog. To maintain that long, silky coat requires constant brushing and combing. Done right, it is a wonderful sight watching an Afghan Hound running through a field with the hair coat bobbing up and down with the dogs movement. Talk about this dogs hair-coat!! It competes very nicely with some human female hairdos!! Take a look at this:


A split shot of a young brunette woman next to an attractive dark haired Afghan Hound.

Brunette looks like an Afghan Hound!

The Afghan Hound is so beautiful that it mimics the couture of a woman. (Photo courtesy of




If there is anything about the breed that needs to get used to, is its shy personality. It is aloof and quite unsure of people it does not know or recognize but such a loving dog with family members. All this means is that it takes time to warm up to the individual Afghan Hound dog but once you are accepted, you are a member of the family. The majority of the Afghan Hounds that I have worked on over the years are easy to work on. How simple it is to do a physical exam on. They just stand there wanting to be told how beautiful they are!! For an Afghan Hound, being told how cute it is makes everything right with the world!  There are very few medical issues associated with this breed. The hard part of owning an Afghan Hound is the extensive grooming required.  All in all, a beautiful dog to behold!  Learn more about the Afghan Hound at Animal Planet’s® Dog Breed Selector.

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