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f there ever was a cat that would never defend itself, it would be the Ragdoll.  I believe this breed is actually patented. One definite component of this breed is the Persian. This breed carries its tail straight out like the Persian. All other cats carry their tails straight up at a perpendicular angle to their body. Ragdoll cats were named that because they are so limp and docile when picked up. They never put up a fuss about anything! They don’t care what you do to them! This breed is a huge cat. It is much larger than other cats; actually close to the size of a Maine Coon Cat. There is also some Siamese in the Ragdoll. Just look at the Ragdoll’s beautiful dark eyes! Super stunning against the lighter colors of the head.




The Ragdoll would make a fantastic pet for a family with young children. Even tempered but relatively big boned, the breed can keep up with any toddler. Speaking about toddlers! Like a toddler, this cat will follow you all over the place from room to room. I have worked on many of them. You can do anything to them and they will not put up a fight. A fabulous breed that is adaptable to any home environment. Keep them indoors. This cat does not belong outside!  Learn more about the Ragdoll at Animal Planet’s® Cat Breed Selector.

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