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The Burmese is a striking cat! It is related to the Siamese but overall this cat is a lot stockier than the Siamese. It is short coated making it very easy to maintain. Burmese cats are extremely strong and athletic for their size. They can almost jump a mile into the air or at least appear to do so. This breed of cat is one of the most affectionate. It loves to be around people and a lot of clients that brought them to me felt smothered at times. They could barely go to the bathroom without the cat following them along. They have a beautiful set of yellow eyes that gives them a distinctive look from the front. Like the Siamese, they live for many years and are one of the most long lived purebred cats. The oldest cat that I have taken care of was a 23 year black tabby cat up in my Ohio practice.


They are extremely healthy cats and have no particular illness that shouts Burmese. Athletic, affectionate and agile, the Burmese is a fantastic cat that loves being around humans. A great companion!  Learn more about the Burmese at Animal Planet’s® Cat Breed Selector.

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