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This breed is a beautiful cat. It has a gorgeous silky, white, long coat. They are bred with other colors but most people think of the white version when talking about an Angora. All white cats with blue eyes can have hearing issues. Often white cats with both blue eyes are completely deaf while those with one blue eye are deaf on the same side as the blue eye!


The breed is not too difficult to take care of because of its silky coat. It just needs periodic combings and brushing. It is an excellent cat for families with young children and will often play fetch like a dog.  The animal is a relatively small cat; nothing compared to the size of a Maine Coon Cat!  The Angora has been around for a long time and is a healthy cat.  There are no diseases particular to this breed of cat.  Learn more about the Angora at Animal Planet’s® Cat Breed Selector.

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