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The Abyssinian cat is a sweet animal. In the United States this breed is one of the most popular of the purebreds. I have treated a handful of them over the years. Even tempered, the Abyssinian makes a wonderful pet. They have a striking appearance and a beautiful coat. The coat seems to shine in the bright light; adding to the cats beautiful appearance. If a cat were ever to be analogous to a human toddler, the Abyssinian would be it! It is always in motion, playing, twisting and turning and basically making you laugh at the same time! This breed would be happiest in a household that does not want a cat “all over you”. They can be somewhat standoffish and the majority of them are not your typical lap cat. They do not care to be picked up and held. Independent, they want to do their own thing.




Like a lot of cats in general, they can develop dental disease. As they age, one of the biggest concern with the Abyssinian is that they are tops for the development of renal amyloidosis; a disease that destroys available kidney function replacing normal kidney cells with amyloidAmyloid is a protein that is produced in numerous disease processes. It basically clogs the organs with the material in such a way that the organ can not function properly. This can be seen in kidneys and other internal organs.. I have treated several for this condition; which is medical care. There is no cure in animals. The Abyssinnian is a fantastic cat with so much spunk and energy!  Learn more about the Abyssinnian at Animal Planet’s® Cat Breed Selector.

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