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Your goals in pet ownership is asking yourself what type of pet will fit best in my lifestyle?  The type of pet that people usually get often mimic their own personality!  Everyone has seen pictures of people that look like their pets in size and shape!  However, the type of pet that a person brings into their life will depend upon:  the time that person has for the pet, the persons personality plus the animals size and personality.


For every pot there is a lid as the saying goes.  There is a pet out there for any personality of person.  If you are very active during the day you may not have the energy to have a pet around that requires tons of exercise like a Labrador Retriever.  You may prefer something smaller that does not require as much work.  Than a person can fine tune that some more.  Do you want a small couch potato dog like a Poodle, Maltese or Chihuahua?  Veterinarians call a lot of toy breeds “velcro pets” because they love to be carried around and be stuck to their owners. Or maybe something with a bit more pizzazz like a West Highland Terrier?




A person that enjoys hunting is not going to take a Papillon out in the field with him.  He is going to choose one of the retrievers, coonhounds or other hunting breeds.  First of all a Papillon is going to be “gun shy”The term "gun shy" refers to any hunting dog that is fearful of the sound of a gun going off. It doesn"t just mean that a Papillon is gun shy but many hunting dogs never get over the sound of a gun going off and hence do not make good hunting dogs in the field. so that won’t work.  The hunting breeds fit the bill for this individual because they are BRED to do that type of work and would get easily bored in a small apartment.


The type of pet is important if you are allergic to dogs or cats think about owning one of the “hypoallergenic” dogs mainly the Wheaten Terrier.  Consider shampoo products for dogs and cats that keep dander to a minimum.  Bathe your pet as frequently as twice weekly.  Products such as Allerpet/D® do make a difference.  People are allergic more frequently to cats so use an appropriate shampoo and consider changing your furnace filter more often plus do not let your pet sleep with you if you are allergic to it.  The hair itself or dander is not necessarily the culprit here; the protein in cat saliva IS!  The connection is that cats groom themselves all the time leaving the saliva to dry on the hair.  The goal here is to keep allergensAn allergen is a protein that stimulates the immune system of dog, cat or man and the response is the production of an antibody that along with other cells and chemicals will set off an allergic reaction when the dog or cat or human is exposed to it again. down to an acceptable minimum.


There are as many combinations of people and pets that would work but the important thing to remember about the type of pet is the companionship and love that any dog will provide.  They will be with you during good and not so good days!

The type of pet for your family is an important decision to make.
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