Terrier Breeds

An Airedale is standing next to a set of train tracks waiting for a ride to take him home.
An Airedale never gets tired and probably would have enough energy to walk around the globe! They are strong but
An American Staffordshire Terrier is surrounded by a bed of tulips.
You will usually find a Pit Bull curled up with the family cat sleeping on a rug!  Strong but extremely
A beautifully groomed white Bedlington Terrier is standing on a lawn in front of a summer flower garden.
It may look like a little lamb but don't be fooled by this terrier!  Nimble on its feet, it is
Oscar, a middle aged Cairn Terrier, is seen enjoying a beautiful Virginia day in the grape vineyard.
The Cairn Terrier has that joy for life every day it gets up!  Never down or negative, it is a
A young, buff colored Dandie Dinmont is sitting on a bed of grass on a summer afternoon.
The Dandie Dinmont is a perfect dog for all pet owners.  Small yet active like most terriers, it is a
A Fox Terrier is sitting on a black stool against a dark maroon background.
Don't want a dog that just lives on a couch?  Consider a Fox Terrier!  They love to play ball and
A black and tan Manchester Terrier is standing at attention on a light blue wool rug.
The Manchester Terrier is a fierce little competitor yet makes a great family pet for any type of living environment.
A beautiful salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer is sitting on a grey floor looking right at the camera.
A door bell is ringing!  A Miniature Schnauzer will probably be the first to answer it.  Spunky with a lot
A Rat Terrier is standing on a wooden deck overlooking an infinity swimming pool in California on a beautful summer afternoon.
Looking for a breed of dog that will never let you down or get bored with?  Move on up to
Barney the Scottish Terrier is being carried by U.S. president George W. Bush
The Scottish Terrier was the head dog of the country during the presidency of U.S. president George W. Bush. Jet
A Skye Terrier staring at someone while standing on grass.
Queen Victoria owned a Skye Terrier. They are extremely independent with a wunderlust streak. Yet they are small and make
A tan and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier is standing on a tan hard surface with a blue sky background in the background.
The Bull Terrier is the official dog of Target® Corporation.  Named "Bullseye", it is recognized around the world.  In the
A Champion Welsh Terrier of 2001-2002 poses with stature against a black background.
The Welsh Terrier never has a bad day. All it wants is human companionship. It adores children and it wonders
A young West Highland Terrier running with a lime turquoise colored frisbee in its mouth on a grass lawn.
West Highland Terriers have that joy of life.  If you could put on a Superman® cape, it would leap buildings
The size of yard for a pet will often determine the size of a pet that can be housed there.
The Wheaten Terrier is becoming more popular over time due to its relative small size and its gentle personality.  It
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