Sporting Breeds

A Brittany Spaniel stares intently ahead while enjoying a summer day by the water.
Brittany Spaniels are so sweet and gentle.  They are fantastic with young children but are spectacular hunting dogs!  Medium sized
A Chesapeake Bay Retriever is gently carrying a bird in its mouth while trolling to shore while in the water.
The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a gentle animal that loves to roam and would do best in a rural environment
A Clumber Spaniel is enjoying a quiet moment while lounging on a green lawn on a lazy summer afternoon.
The Clumber Spaniel does not look like a sporting dog but it is!  With that stocky body and short legs,
A buff colored Cocker Spaniel is sitting for the camera on a white background.
Cocker Spaniels are used as bird hunting dogs but in the U.S. they are usually found as family pets.  They
An English Setter is running out in a green field on a sunny summer afternoon.
English Setters are not as common today but they do make excellent bird dogs.  They are also gentle with children
An oil painting of a Springer Spaniel resting on a royal blue pillow with a painted mountain scene in the background.
The English Springer Spaniel is a very active hunting dog.  Loyal to its family, the Springer Spaniel makes a fine
A German Shorthaired Pointer is sitting on a bed of grass while relaxing during a summer afternoon.
The German Shorthaired Pointer is a spectacular bird dog and wonderful to watch in the field.  It is also a
A beautiful female Golden Retriever is enjoying a nice summer afternoon in a grassy field.
What more can you say about a Golden Retriever?  Loved by all people, the Golden Retriever is the magnificent of
A beautiful Gordon Setter is enjoying the warm summer breeze on a quiet afternoon at the ocean's edge.
The Gordon Setter is an excellent bird dog and is rarely gun shy.  They make gentle family pets but require
A beautifully groomed Irish Setter is sitting in a field during an early autumn afternoon.
The Irish Setter is a beautiful dog to watch with that gorgeous auburn colored hair-coat.  It is gentle and makes
A yellow Labrador Retriever is resting on the sand while overlooking the water at the beach.
An American favorite, the Labrador Retriever is a fabulous family dog and great with children.  The only thing that stops
A drawing with two silhouetted Pointer dogs pointing at a bird in the sky with a dark grassy foreground and red sky.
The Pointer is usually employed as a skilled bird dog that facilitates the hunters life by pointing at the animal
An adult Vizsla is sitting and staring into the distance against a tan background with a city in the distance.
The Vizsla is a sweet, docile dog that makes a fantastic family pet.  Those families better live in a rural
A very happy Weimaraner is dressed up in a dark tan leather jacket and a fancy mauve colored hat with Halloween attire in the background.
The Weimaraner moves as fast as a flash of lightning.  Always on the move, the Weimaraner requires a lot of
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