Size of Yard for a Pet



The size of yard for a pet is important but if you have a small lot there are many ways to make things better if you wish to choose a larger dog.  First of all, a large yard allows you to let the dog out the back door to exercise its heart out.  The best thing for this type of homeowner is to erect a fence be it wooden, chain link or an Invisible Fence.  The latter is very useful.  I had one erected in my OH home to keep our Miniature Schnauzer and Chihuahua on our property.


A small yard or the common grounds of a condominium are perfect for a small to mid size dog such as any of the toy and terrier breeds.  The fact, though, that a small size of yard would not work for a large breed of dog is not true.  The key word associated with a small yard and BIG dog is “extra exercise”.  This means that a Labrador Retriever that needs hours of running can be taken for very long walks on a local bike path or a long romp through the woods hence providing the animal with the exercise that it needs.  The key point here is that a breed of dog that needs a lot of exercise and doesn’t get it can become destructive.  Digging holes, destroying landscaping and trees are examples.


If you work at it, practically any rule can be broken in regards to the animal size and size of yard.  Human imagination is the limit.  I lived in a 25 floor condo in Florida and one of my friends way up at the top had a pair of Borzoi dogs.  Talk about huge; they would take up half of the elevator space!  It worked though as the owner spent hours walking them around Ft. Lauderdale on their leashes.  This was an exception, as the majority of condo dogs are usually 30 pounds and under such as Poodle, Maltese, French bulldogs and the like.

A tan Wheaton Terrier is lying on the grass with a young girl.
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