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Getting a new pet for yourself or your family is an exciting proposition.  Looking forward to long walks in the woods and other thoughts start to dance around in your head.  People get pets for multiple reasons.  The important thing to remember is that responsible pet ownership takes a lot of work and financial resources to ensure a dog or cat has the best possible life. Regardless of where you purchase your puppy or kitten realize that this is a minimum 10 year plus commitment to an animal.  Puppies and kittens take a lot of work to get to adulthood in one piece. On a lighter note, puppies and kittens are a 1000 times easier to raise than children.  I had young married couples, without children, tell me how annoyed they were about getting their puppy toilet trained.  Someday they would realize how easy puppy care was compared to raising a human infant.  Let’s see what responsible pet ownership is all about!







Responsible pet ownership is more than just the time needed to accomplish the many tasks necessary for raising a puppy or kitten. I have reminded people over the years that owning dogs and cats is like taking care of a perpetual toddler.  Most children grow up but dogs and cats need an adult to do everything for them.  They are totally dependent on their owners.  Owner a pet is a great opportunity for children to learn about personal responsibility. Giving them chores such as taking the pet outside to void or to give it it’s food at the appropriate time teaches children that they have to be responsible for an animal that is totally dependent on them.  Lessons learned for life.

Pets are important members of a family.  What are you going to do with your dogs or cats when you go away for vacation?  This is all about responsible pet ownership.  You have several choices.  Either you can take the animals on vacation with you or you can board them at an appropriate facility such as a veterinary office.  Vacationing with pets is to be taken seriously!  If you decide to take the pets along with you be sure to read car safety for pets.

Someone in the household must be responsible taking the pet to an emergency clinic when the time warrants.  Hopefully that is never necessary but decisions have to be made rapidly to take or not take the animal to an emergency clinic for medical care.  The best thing to do is contact the emergency care facility.  They will be able to figure out whether the pet should be brought in immediately or not.







A lot of the work involved in taking care of a dog or cat is well worth it!  The fun that we have with our pets over the years is priceless.  These things are called fond memories.  Taking care of a pet and watching it grow into a healthy adult dog or cat is not just responsibility but a job well done!

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