Purebred Cats

A young Abyssinian cat is posing against a sky blue background.
The Abyssinian is an agile cat. It is even tempered and loves to be with people but does not like
A French oil painting of a white Angora cat about ready to chase a flying bird in a garden venue.
The Angora is a beautiful cat with long, silky hair colors.  It is small and makes a fantastic family pet.
Colorful artwork of a sleeping Burmese cat wedged between a red flowered pattern pillow and a red pillon while sleeping on a light green sofa.
The Burmese is an extremely affectionate cat that loves to be around people.  Agile and intelligent, it makes a spectacular
A Himalayan decked out in pearls is lounging on a loveseat made just for it!
The Himalayan is part Persian and part Siamese.  You get both personalities in this cat!  Affectionate and loving it is
A Grey and White Maine Coon Cat is posing on an orange/peach colored sheet.
The Maine Coon cat is one of the largest cats around.  Easily topping 20 pounds, it is a gentle but
A Calico colored like Manx Cat standing on the carpet.
The Manx is like any other cat.  The exception is that it is born without a long tail!  They are
A red mackerel Persian is posing for the camera against a royal blue background.
If there ever was a cat that wanted to be human, it would be the Persian.  Beautiful and classy, it
A resting Ragdoll cat with dark blue eyes.
The Ragdoll is the sweetest most docile cat on the planet!  It is always calm and collected.  It is gorgeous
A litter of young Russian Blue kittens are sitting on a cat perch against a white wall.
The Russian Blue is a beautiful cat that prefers to have a quiet environment to live in.  Stately and elegant,
A beautiful Chocolate Point Siamese cat resting on a magenta colored towel.
If you are looking for a breed of cat that loves carrying on a conversation, look no further.  The Siamese
A black and tan pair of Sphynx cats are cuddled up together in a leopard looking blanket.
The Sphynx is a hairless cat and would do better in a Sunbelt state rather than a cold northern clime. 
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