What Makes a Purebred Cat Tick?



Let’s face it!  Cats are cool.  There are all types of cat personalities out there that will make it easy to find that perfect purebred cat.  Cats made up just about 50% of my case load in my Ohio practice.  I love cats because they are purrrfect companions for people.  The animal population, be it domestic or wild, is so diverse.  The cat world is no different.  There is a breed of cat to suit just about anyone’s taste in color and personality. I am limiting my discussion to breeds of cats that I have seen over the years.  The majority of cats in most animal hospitals are your typical DSH (Domestic Short Hair) or the DLH (Domestic Long Hair).  A purebred feline is one that has a limited set of genes that are expressed so that a Persian looks like a Persian and a Ragdoll looks like a Ragdoll.


If you allow purebreds to mate in an independent way, you will eventually end up with the typical tabby cat. I will be talking about the personalities of a particular breed of cat and, if applicable, any particular medical ailments that are seen in a particular breed of cat.  For a more detailed discussion of cat breeds please refer to The Cat Fancier’s Association.




After reading through the list of purebred cats, you may decide to adopt a tabby cat.  A typical example of a tabby cat are the orange, gray or charcoal striped tiger cats.  Whether you pick purebred cats or a gorgeous orange striped cat, you will find the cat to be a wonderful companion.  Remember that a cat will often adopt YOU and not the other way around.  Cats just want you to think that you picked them!

Shown above is a artistic variation of what Egyptian purebred cats may have looked like.
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