Puppies First Vet Visit



Your puppies first vet visit to a veterinarian is usually an exciting affair for everyone.  The family is excited about the new addition to the home and want to know everything about puppy care.  It takes time but veterinarians are there to help.  Before your puppies first vet visit, make sure you have any records from the puppy store or breeder that will help the veterinarian.  Most puppies will have had at least one fecal check, worming plus their first vaccinations.


A stool sample will be collected for another check for intestinal parasites.  Learn more by reading:  Dog Parasites.  The doctor will examen:  the teeth, skin condition, ears, paws, hips and listen to the heart and lung during your puppies first vet visit.  The puppies abdomen will be palpated for any abnormalities.  The body temperature and body weight will be determined.




A woman is holding up a young Cocker Spaniel puppy with an umbilical hernia that need to be surgically repaired against a white background.

Umbilical hernia

A congenital defect is one that a puppy is born with.  There are puppies presented with congenital heart disease but that is uncommon.  The most common defects seen in young puppies are:  omentocelesOmentoceles, also known as umbilical hernias, are hernias that contain pieces of the omentum (abdominal fat) that protrude through the umbilicus and form a sac. Most of these will seal on their own at 5-6 months of age. Ones that do not should be surgically corrected at six months of age when the male and female are neutered. For the female this just means a slightly longer spay incision which is no big deal. For breeding dogs, it is imperative that the female omentocele be corrected, as there have been cases in pregnancy where the intestines or uterine horns make their way into the hernia. These are serious complicationsinguinal herniasThis is a type of hernia or protrusion that occurs in the groin of man and animals. This is called the inguinal region and there is an anatomical section called the inguinal ring. This ring allows the passage of arteries and veins to the extremities. Fat and intestinal loops can find there way down there. Correction is always surgical. and patellar subluxationsThe patella or knee cap sits on top of the trochlear groove of the tibia. This is part of the knee. This condition is almost always seen in toy breeds such as; Maltese, Poodle, Yorkshire Terriers and their crosses. The patella moves, usually inward, and separates itself from the trochlear groove. Most cases are treated surgically but others can be treated medically..  The latter are usually seen in the tiny toy breeds.




The first few months of owning a puppy are extremely important as well as your puppies first vet visit.  What you do will influence the general health and well being of your new family member.  There is a tremendous amount of information to absorb about your new puppy so doctors are very happy when you make a lists of questions for future visits.  Most of these future puppy visits will come in 3-4 weeks intervals.  Minimal cut off for vaccines is 16-18 weeks.  You can learn more about this in Dog Vaccinations.


Do yourself and your pet a favor on your puppies first vet visit by getting it Micro-chipped.  A pet microchip is a small scan-able piece of metal that is injected under the dog’s skin between the shoulder blades.  This disk contains a number and other information which identifies the animal and owner when registered with the manufacturer.  This is unlike a dog collar that can easily be lost.  This chip stays with the dog FOREVER.  In my career I have reunited lost pets with their owners and also reunited pets that were stolen by other people!  One of the best things you can do in the early puppy stages of life!

Your puppies first vet visit is crucial in getting the animal off to a good start.
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