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It might be counter intuitive to ask the question.  Most people would say that, of course, the dog or cat pet surgical care should be in a veterinary office. I have said this many times but do a favor to the medical practice you take your pet to and get the work done at THAT hospital.  The veterinarian there has taken care of your dog since you first brought the puppy in for an initial health visit so the Doctor KNOWS your pet.


I have written about asking to take a tour of the medical facility before taking your pet to a particular medical office.  During that tour ask to be shown the surgical suite and all the anesthetic and monitoring equipment that they routinely use on their surgical patients.  After talking to staff and seeing it for your self, the quality of pet surgical care is pretty easy to figure out.


Many times clients are often swayed by price when it comes to neutering their pets. You usually get what you pay for.  If an office offers a cheaper price ask what the differences are between your doctor and the office willing to charge less for the same pet surgical care.  Do they have the same anesthetics?  Do they have the same monitoring equipment?  Do they have the same educated support staff for post operative care of your pet?  These are very serious questions you have to ask yourself to insure that your dog or cat receives the best possible medical care.


Often people think they are saving money but in the long run end up spending many more times the amount charged at their regular veterinarian’s office.  Bleeding and wound healing issues can be a common problem after surgery.  These cases usually end up by taking the pet to your regular veterinarian for care.  To correct or fix those issues plus the cost of the initial spay often adds up more than if you had stayed with your regular veterinarian in the first place.


So in summary; Caveat Emptor….Let the buyer beware.

Pet surgical care encompasses the entire surgical procedure from the physical exam to the discharge of the animal from the hospital.
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