Benefits of Spaying Females



The benefits of spaying females are numerous.  We discussed the overpopulation issue but let’s discuss those pertinent to the female animal.  After a female gets spayed she often stays closer to home hence decreasing the chances of being hit by a car.  There will be a lesser number of male dogs around.  When a female dog is in heat, estrogen and its components will filter into the urine and acting like a pheromone will attract male dogs and their markings from miles around.


Other benefits of spaying females are the vaginal blood staining seen every 6 months.  They do make sanitary napkins for dogs in a belt version but see if the dog will keep it on!  After the dog is spayed there is no more bleeding.  This is not an issue with cats or some small dogs as the cat rarely bleeds and tiny dogs often clean themselves in the genital area.  Let’s be clear about one thing:  Dogs do not have “periods” like human females do.  What women and all primates do is slough the endometriumThe endometrium is the soft, blood rich lining of the uterus. It is where the fetus develops in the females body..  A dogs bleeding originates in the vagina hence the difference.


Perhaps one of the most important benefits of spaying females before their first estrous cycle is an absolute zero chance of breast cancer or pyometra in both species.  Just letting a young dog go through one heat cycle increases her risk of developing breast cancer by 8%.  Breast cancers in dogs mimic those of humans, that is either benign or malignant.  In the cat they are ALL malignant. Pyometra is a hormonal uterine condition seen usually in older unspayed females.  The uterus fills up with pus which basically than acts like a huge abscess.  If the dog is not spayed on the spot, they will not survive.  These two conditions are seen ALL THE TIME in private practice.  I lost count of all the times I heard people say to me that “only if we had her spayed when she was young”.  People, take my advice; DO IT!


Another crazy thing I have heard over the years from clients is that by letting their dog go into heat and have a litter their personality will improve.  Absolute nonsense.  If the dog is a bit edgy or nervous spaying will usually quiet the animal down.  If it is a nice, sweet, loving dog before surgery it will be a nice, sweet, loving dog after the surgery.

There are many benefits of spaying females. They develop few gynecological problems.
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