Pets and Children Can Work



Whether a family has or doesn’t have children plays a huge part in pet selection.  The subject of pets and children must be talked about if you have a toddler running around at home.  Puppies can be fragile little creatures.  If you have young children, that means toddlers through the age of about 6, stay away from the toy breeds and other tiny fragile animals.  Young children often mishandle the dog not knowing that they are fragile.  I have seen many a Maltese or Toy Poodle, dropped on to a tile floor from just several feet, with dislocated hips or knee caps.  Young children often step on small dogs resulting in bone fractures.  In theses cases i recommend a terrier type dog or a retriever if you have the space.  They are very durable.


Cats are fantastic creatures that are super with young children.  Cats are not fragile and can even survive falling in cases of the “high rise” syndrome.  This means they can fall 4 stories without hurting themselves.  Plus they love little children carrying them around.  Nine times out of ten, if you have a very young child, you will usually find the cat curled up sleeping in the babies crib!


Pets and children go together well.  The pet teaches a child how to give and receive love plus individual responsibility for, if old enough, to change the dogs water bowl or feed it as needed.  Many times children and their pets grow up together.  They think that the dog or cat in their home is just like any other sibling.  They grow up together. When the end comes & the pet is too ill to live any longer, the separation can be extremely painful for the now older child.  A true painful lesson in death.


Pets and children get along together but fragile dogs should not be around young children.
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