Buying Pets From a Breeder



Buying pets from a breeder is a good bet.  They usually only breed one breed of dog and may often own both the mother and father so a prospective buyer can see the personalities of the parents beforehand.


Most private breeders will advertise via word of mouth such at veterinary offices or they may advertise on the internet or local papers.  When buying pets from a breeder, prospective buyers should go to the breeder’s location (usually a home) where they can meet the parents of the offspring and take a look at the puppies for sale and figure out which color pattern (if different from the others) and personality would fit their family best.


Some breeders will require a deposit on an animal that is being sold.  The date that the puppy or kitten can be picked up varies with the breeder but I recommend a minimum age of 8 weeks of age for puppies and kittens.  6 weeks is average for the puppies to be weaned from their mother and the last 2 weeks are extremely important for the young animals to socialize with their siblings.  This short time period actually makes them better pets.  If appropriate, initial vaccine and dewormer records are usually provided to the customer at the time of sale.  Buying pets from a breeder can be a rewarding way to find that perfect dog or cat for your family.

Buying pets from a breeder is a great way to get what you want.
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