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Buying pets online has turned shopping upside down not just for ordering books and dvd’s but also for researching and purchasing pets over the electronic medium.  It is very easy buying pets online and looking up breeds and breeders using Google.  Often the breeders will have uploaded videos of the mother and father plus the puppies interacting with each other.  It is almost like you are there with them.


It would probably be a lot easier to deal with a breeder in the same or nearby state just in case you would like to see the animals for yourself up close. Yet other people are satisfied by seeing videos or Instagram or other photos showing the puppy or kitten they want, the cost and what medical preventive care the animal has received.  It is important that regardless of where the animal is purchased, that a vaccination record from a licensed veterinarian be provided to the customer.  This usually includes the dates and types of vaccinations administered plus any stool sample checks for intestinal parasites.


Probably the most perilous part of buying pets online is the way the animal is delivered to the new owner.  If out of state, it is best that the prospective owners drive to the breeder and pick up the animal.  However, if you live on the other side of the country, having the animal flown to you might be the only way.  Be careful about this because this method increases the stress put on the young animal which could predispose the puppy to kennel cough (Bordetella bronchiseptica) in the dog or respiratory viruses in the kitten.  Overall, buying pets online is a feasible way of finding a pet that will fit into your family’s lifestyle.

Pets online is something that is available to people with an internet connection.
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