Pet Adoption by Lady Luck



Many times a person is not even thinking about a pet when the chances of pet adoption by lady luck comes along.  Years ago, in my practice after closing hours, I was in the back treatment room working on a dog when all of a sudden a young puppy came running towards me.  I thought it was a last minute appointment but no.  I had forgotten to lock the front door and someone had just opened it and dropped off an unwanted animal!  I took Sparky in.  I later spayed and vaccinated her and she had a happy life in our back yard.  She hated to be warm and preferred being covered in snow while sleeping outside!  I knew that pet adoption by lady luck will come along when you least expect it!


Cats are specialists at making you feel lucky.  The cat is such a different creature from the dog.  Cats pick you as their new owner; not you picking them.  Cats have a habit of just “showing up” in front of your house or outside in the parking lot of a business site.  They start rubbing up against you and they know you will be taking them home.  In this case, rather than pet adoption by lady luck it becomes human family adoption by lady luck!


There have been many sad situations in private practice turned happy by a pet adoption by lady luck.  The saddest thing to do in medicine is putting down an old pet.  Owners are upset and say how they could not go “through with this” with another animal.  Months later lady luck had it that such a pet showed up or someone felt bad and gave the person a new pet.  That puts a smile on a happy face.  Unfortunately, part of the responsibility of pet ownership is facing that day in the future when you have to say goodbye.  But many times, out of sadness, happiness can grow again.

Pet adoption by lady luck is a great way to own a pet without ever thinking it would happen in the first place!
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