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There are many humane society adoptions that occur daily in the country.  Each time i wander through one, I wish I could take every animal home with me!  No one asks to be born but to see so many homeless animals, breaks my heart.  There is such a huge variety of animals available at these locations.  Oodles of dogs and cats of mixed breed or pure breed gene pools are available.  Humane society adoptions are a great way to find the ideal pet for your family at a very modest cost.


The reasons how and why so many animals end up in humane societies are beyond the scope of this discussion but the major reason is total irresponsibility of pet owners to neuter their animals.  These centers are staffed with caring people doing their best to place as many animals as possible into good homes.


The process is pretty much stream lined.  Humane society adoptions are advertised on the internet or on their own websites plus they hold local pet adoption clinics at local malls, car washes; wherever people gather.  When you visit a humane society you do not just pick a dog or cat out and walk out the door but are encouraged to interact with the pet in a small “greeting” room with a humane society volunteer guiding the process.


Over the years I have treated thousands of animals from humane society adoptions and they are the most loving of animals.  Please support your local humane society with your financial gifts and your time.  If someone asks to repay you for a job done or a favor to help someone, ask them to donate to a humane society instead!

Humane society adoptions are a great place to find that perfect pet.
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