Non-Sporting Breeds

An adult American Eskimo is sitting on a green lawn during a late summer afternoon.
The American Eskimo is a bundle of energy!  Running around with a beautiful, thick coat of hair, it is an
A beautifully groomed Bichon Frise is sitting on a white surface with a red background.
The Bichon Frise is always in an upbeat personality.  Lovable and great with children it makes a fantastic pet for
Three tuxedo looking Boston Terrier dogs are staring into the camera lens all on a white background.
Boston Terriers remind me of clowns in a Ringling Brothers Circus!  They are hilarious to be around and are more
A dilute colored Chinese Shar-Pei with a reddish neck tie around its neck is portrayed against a emerald green backdrop.
Most people associate the Chinese Shar-Pei with wrinkles.  Those are only seen in young animals!  The breed is adaptable to
A beautifully groomed tan Chow Chow is standing on a dark green lawn in summer.
A Chow Chow in a show ring is a sight to behold.  That beautiful coat requires hours of special attention. 
A Dalmatian dog is standing alone with a happy expression on its face.
Dalmatian dogs are the well know firefighters dog!  They are active, strong muscular dogs that make fine pets.  Hollywood has
One English Bulldog is yawning while the other is looking towards it.
The English Bulldog is a character!  It is a wonderful breed of dog that so much wants to be a
A tan and white French Bulldog is sitting on a wooden bench surrounded by 4 light tiger striped kittens on a tan wooden wall background.
The French Bulldog enjoys every day of life!  It is always happy and just wants to be with its family. 
A Keeshond featured against a green background.
The Keeshond loves being in cold, snowy climates!  It originated from Norway so living in hot Florida would not be
Dog grooming is an important way of maintaining a clean, healthy coat and prevents skin diseases at the same time.
Lhasa Apso dogs just enjoy being with people.  They have a positive outlook on life and just bounce along with
A close up of a very active little Schipperke dog.
Want a spunky little dog great with little kids in the house?  Want a dog that acts as a little
A beautiful rust colored Shiba Inu is staring ahead while outdoors.
Talk about energy that never ends!  The Shiba Inu is such a lovable, affectionate dog.  It will stand up to
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