Human Animal Bond



The human animal bond benefits both people and their pets.  Humans derive simple pleasure from taking care of and being around animals.  There is not only a huge psychological effect such as wellness and nurturing but also a health aspect to the bond.  For years experts have known that when people communicate with one another each persons blood pressure rises!  When a person talks to or strokes their pet their blood pressure goes down!  The benefit to the pet is pretty obvious.  They too have feelings and emotions.  By being fed, watered, exercised, kissed and made an important part of the family the pet gains stability and this is demonstrated by licks, grunts of happiness and crying out like crazy when they see their owner.  They may not be able to communicate like people but they sure do know how to show it and read the emotions of their human family.  All of this strengthens the human animal bond.




The human animal bond can teach young children a lot; not only about themselves but also about caring for other animals which, many times, translates to stable relationships with other people in the future.  It is well known that children that abuse animals often grow up tormented causing untold amounts of horror and torture to other humans.  Children also get the benefits of being with a pet as mentioned above but they also learn responsibility when it is their turn to feed, water or exercise the dog or fill up a cats empty food bowl.  They learn that domestic animals completely depend upon US to nurture and care for them.




The human animal bond provides tremendous amounts of well being to people that are hospitalized, in prison or in a senior health care facility.  People are pack animals; gregarious by nature.  A visit from a therapy dog makes the day of the person on the receiving end and the dog or cat reminds the person that he or she is STILL human after all; regardless of their age or medical condition.  Animals also make people with visual disabilities easier to deal with life.  Pets can basically be trained to do anything such as reminding people to take their medications or alerting others if the person starts to seizure.  Many people in law enforcement develop strong bonds with their service dogs in their K9 police units.  They sleep together, work together, go to the vet together.  That human animal bond is an integral part of each others life.  Dogs used for hunting and other activities, such as search and rescue, develop strong bonds with their owners.




People and their pets need each other.  Each develops a give and take with the other; almost like a symbiotic relationship where the two benefit much more together than if they lived alone.  That is the strength of the human animal bond; a bond that brings out the humanity in all of us.

The human animal bond is one of the most important relationships dealing with people and their pets.
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