Hound Breeds

A pet friendly environment is one where the pet and the setting is in complete harmony.
The Afghan Hound may require a lot of grooming but nothing draws more attention than the flowing hair of the
A tan and white Basenji dog standing on a large grey boulder amongst green lilly plants and other boulders in the background.
The Basenji is the perfect sized dog for any home environment. Like the Shiba Inu, it doesn't bark but can
A Basset Hound is sitting being surrounded by a green background.
Nothing is cuter than watching a young Basset Hound trip over its long ears! They are relatively large animals but
A young Beagle puppy with forlorn eyes is resting on a white blanket.
When the Beagle dreams, it dreams of chasing rabbits to the end of time!  They are hunting dogs but are
An adult Black and Tan Coonhound is standing on a brick walkway during a summer afternoon.
The Black and Tan Coonhound is often found living in rural settings.  Its main job in life is chasing raccoons
A Bloodhound posing for the camera.
The Bloodhound is a fabulous hunting dog that has the ability to pick up the scent of anything.  They are
A Bluetick Coonhound stands waiting to chase a raccoon up a tree!
The Bluetick Coonhound is an excellent hunting dog used for chasing raccoons up a tree. They are very similar to
A pair of white and tan Borzoi dogs are walking along a lawn. One of the dogs has a red and black ball in its mouth.
Originating in Russia, the Borzoi is a large, elegant dog that is suited for living even a condominium lifestyle.  You
A smiling woman in a white blouse is holding close a young tan dachshund with a lush green background.
The little Dachshund sure packs a punch for its size.  Used as a rodent hunter in Europe with those short
A nimble Greyhound relaxing in the yard.
Many a Greyhound have been abandoned after their racing careers are over. They are some of the sweetest breeds of
An elegant black and silver Irish Wolfhound is galloping along a grassy area.
The Irish Wolfhound is a gentle giant.  It looks intimidating but deep down it is a pussy cat.  This breed
A Norwegian Elkhound is standing besides a body of water on a fine autumn day.
The Norwegian Elkhound is happiest in a cold climate. It has a developed thick coat that keeps it warm during
A beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback is posing surrounded by a jet black background.
The Rhodesian Ridgeback is such an elegant dog with that beautiful, dark namesake ridge along its back.   It is
A black, tan and white Saluki is standing at attention on a hard surface with plants in the background.
The Saluki is not a common breed but is just as striking and elegant as the Afghan Hound. Flowing with
A pair of tan Whippet dogs are standing together on a bright spring day.
The Whippet is a small, loving dog. They are quiet but when you get to know them their true beautiful
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