Herding Breeds

Six different looking Australian Shepherds posing together on a gravel road. Each Australian Shepherd has a different coat color.
The Australian Shepherd will herd about anything in its path.  It is a strong, athletic animal that does best in
A adult Bearded Collie is walking along a dirt path flanked by violet flowers on a narrow leaf.
The Bearded Collie looks like a Sheepdog but the big difference is, is that the Bearded Collie has a tail! 
An adult Belgian Malinois is resting on a bed of grass during a summer afternoon.
The Belgian Malinois is primarily used by law enforcement on their respective canine units.  Strong and quick, they can easily
A black Belgian Sheepdog is staring off into the distance on a warm summer day.
The Belgian Sheepdog is not that common but is an excellent herding dog.  It is relatively large and related to
A beautiful brown and white Border Collie is facing the camera resting on a bed of straw against a multi- colored impressionistic background.
The Border Collie is a gentle breed that loves herding sheep and just about anything else that moves!  Agile and
A large, well groomed Bouvier des Flandres is standing at attention on a green lawn during mid summer.
The Bouvier des Flandres is a strong herding dog meant to live in a rural environment.  This breed of dog
A beautifully groomed Collie dog is standing at attention against a dark background.
The Collie is a wonderful breed of dog.  It graced all television screens across the country as the head "dog"
A black and tan German Shepherd is sitting in tall grass.
The German Shepherd is one dog you are never going to out run.  This is why they are used so
A pair of beautifully groomed Old English Sheepdog animals are looking at the camera through a glass wall.
The Old English Sheepdog is a gentle giant.  It requires lots of room to run so this is not the
A tan and white Welsh Corgi is relaxing on a slatted wooden bench with its ball and tile surface below.
The Welsh Corgi is a strong willed dog that bosses other animals around.  It is currently owned by the Queen
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