Fun Pet Facts

Can dogs and cats sweat?
Can people get ear mites from pets?
Why do big dogs live shorter lives than small dogs?
Can dogs and cats see colors?
Which breed of dog is a favorite of veterinarians?
Do cats really have nine lives?
Why is veterinary medical care so expensive?
Do dogs dream?
Do veterinarians have their own pets at home?
Can dog and cat tapeworms be transmitted to people?
Why do cats rub up against you?
Why does a cats face never show emotions?
Why are there more cases of rabies in cats than dogs?
Why does my cat get “high” on catnip?
Why are animal fights more common in the summer?
Why can’t I give acetaminophen to my cat?
How do cats purr?
What do Dalmatian dogs and Chickens have in common?
Why do cats purr?
Do veterinarians get bit every day?
Why do cats hang out at home splayed out on their backs?
Why is it that it is always my male dog or male cat that gets a urinary tract obstruction?
Is it okay to cut my cat’s whisker’s?
Dogs and cats are true carnivores. Why are they eating cereal grains?
Why does my dog’s or cat’s hair cause me allergies?
Why do cats want to sit in a person’s lap that dislikes cats?
Why do pets feel so comfortable with something on top of them?
Why do veterinarians keep my dog or cat overnight after surgery?
Why do cats and dogs shiver?
Is it okay for me to let my female dog go through her first heat?
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