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We have all heard of the human-animal bond before.  Dogs and cats a millennia ago were destined to become companions of human beings. Tens of thousands of years ago humans feared wolves.  Humans way back were the hunted.  Strange enough, some came around human habitations and they gave food and warmth to the animals.  Over time they became domesticated.  Little did they know that those new friends would be extremely helpful in their hunting endeavors!

Animals have no possibility of every talking like people do.  If they were able to talk I doubt that they would still be man’s best friend.  They may not be able to speak but are able to convey their emotions to us.  They can read the moods that we are in.  If we are sad, they are sad.  If we are happy, they are happy.  Your pet loves you in more ways than you can count!




  1. Unconditional Love- Your pet loves you in an unconditional manner.  Unconditional love is that type of love that never wavers. It does not change if you forget to feed or water your pet.  It does not change if you have a bad day at work.  It remains the same.  It provides a tremendous amount of stability in a world tormented by self centered people and the associated angst.  Imagine a world where people acted like pets!
  2. The Lick- Many dogs will be so happy to see you that they will lick you all over from your face down to your feet. A lot of people gross out over this but dogs have less bacteria in their oral cavities than people do.  The top surface of a cat’s tongue is like sandpaper.  If a cat licks you it may very well love you but it is licking you for the salt you have on your skin.
  3. Sleeping With You- One of the best ways of sharing the love is a pet that sleeps with its owner in bed. This has pluses and minuses from a human perspective. The big plus is that it is true love for the owner when the dog or cat find themselves curled up on the bed.  Yet this may irritate a spouse when the pet happens to be a huge Great Dane that takes up over half the space of the bed. Trying to explain to the other person that your pet loves you while taking up half the bed does not wear well.
  4. It Wants To Be With You- Dogs and cats want to enjoy your company. One of the ways a pet loves you is just being with you. A drive in the car or a walk on a leash around the block makes life worth living for a dog. I once owned a cat in Ohio that ran to me like a dog when I came home and sat next to me on a sofa watching every move I made. True adoration!
  5. The Look of Love- To understand non-verbal pet communication you have to understand dog and cat body language.  When a dog or cat gazes at you a certain way you know it is a gaze of adoration.  You know your pet loves you when it just stares at you blinking!  It wants a response from you!
  6. Purring and Headbutting- A cat that purrs while you are holding it is in cat heaven.  Stroking it’s neck or ears elicits the same response. The cat is telling you that it is ultra happy being with you and loves the physical massage that it is getting at the same time.  The purring mechanism also releases endorphins, the body’s naturally made opiates, that help to alleviate pain after a cat has been injured.  Headbutting is another way a cat gets it’s scent gland oils on to you.   This behavior also shows that you are mine and are loved!
  7. Crying Out and Going Crazy When a Dog Sees You-  This happens all the time after an owner picks up a dog from a veterinary hospital or boarding facility.  The crying out is a signal that the dog is crazy about you and so happy to see you!  The thing about dogs is this; they do not wear wrist watches on their fore paws.  Time is an invention of man.  A dog does not know whether you were gone a minute or a month.  The response is the same.
  8. Feline Kneading Behavior- This is a neat trick that cats use to demonstrate how much they love you.   When you come home and you see a cat go to a favorite chair, stand on it’s hind-limbs and scratch the chair you know you are loved.  If a cat jumps up on your bed in the morning and proceeds to knead a part of your body, that is true adoration.
  9. Protecting It’s Territory-  This is an indirect way of how a dog loves you by protecting you from potential harm.  You are his family so any intruder that gets near your home or a fence is going to elicit a territorial response.  The same thing happens when a stranger approaches a vehicle that you and your pet are driving in.
  10. Tail Wagging- This type of behavior belongs to the canine population.  When you see that tail moving back and forth in a rapid fashion it means that the dog is ultra happy to see you. Some dogs, like the retrievers, learn how to move their tail fast in a circular fashion.  This means the same thing.  If the tail remains down and is moving slowly the animal is scared.  Cats do not wag their tails in such a fashion.  If you see a cat flicker it’s tail back and forth quickly, be careful!  It is annoyed.
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